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Exciting News from one of our Partners

We eagerly announce that our co-founder, Jean-Loup Romet-Lemonne, has authored a creative essay expanding his influential footprint beyond the realms of immunology and cancer therapy to social science. With decades of experience guiding both public and private organizations towards innovation and success, Jean-Loup's insights are central to our achievements in the field of biotech .


📚 Book Highlight: "The Bio-Intelligence: The social well-being in the light of our biological body"

In today’s society, achieving social well-being is more critical than ever. In this essay, Jean-Loup, and co-author François-Marie Pons, explore the fascinating parallels between our biological equilibrium and societal harmony. This essay delves into how the very cells of our organism could hold the keys to living a more integrated life within our communities.

Through their unique perspectives— which blend medical expertise and a passion for human relations—Jean-Loup and François-Marie challenge us to rethink our approach to social wellness. Their message is clear: the solutions to our collective malaise lie within us, waiting to be unlocked through a deeper understanding of our biological makeup.


To discover more about his book, visit here.


Here's to innovating for a healthier society, inside and out!

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